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Elite Designs, exclusive distributors for Spain and Europe, is the sole distributor of a range of highly innovative products that meet the demands of the modern market for decoration, refurbishment and new build projects, including Infeel self-adhesive films and POV window films. After years of experience in the Asian and American markets, Elite Designs has now arrived in the European market to offer a range of exciting new products in the world of interior decoration and refurbishment projects.

Elite Designs focuses on satisfying market demands by selling attractive, cutting-edge, high-quality products in collaboration with decorators, interior designers, advertising agents, distributors, architects, builders and end consumers, in keeping with the principles and values of our parent company.

The Elite Designs range consists of self-adhesive, thermoformable vinyl films (Infeel), textile vinyls for glass (POV) and products for medium to large scale projects such as flooring (Decoblu), toilets, washbasins or spas. Ground-breaking designs that will transform homes, meeting rooms, offices and business premises based on modern designs for the most demanding tastes, with a firm focus on quality.

Revestimientos de vinilo Infeel

Revestimientos de vinilo para cristales POV

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We are exclusive distributors in Spain and Europe for Infeel, POV and Decoblu. We offer a choice of product distribution options, creating a visible and clearly-defined network, promoting sales amongst professionals in the sector. If you are interested, please contact us to find out more about the conditions and advantages we offer.


We have a highly qualified team that offers product installation training, with solid experience in small, medium and large scale projects. Our skilled professionals can also be hired for installation projects in various settings. We also offer detailed installation guides for Infeel, POV and Decoblu. Visit our installation area.

>Personalised service

Our team offers integral support both for professionals working in the sector and individual customers. In accordance with our personalised service policy, we adapt each project to customers’ individual needs, or provide them with all the help and advice they require, based on our experience and know-how. In our showroom, customers and professionals can discover the full range of possibilities our products offer, as well as recieve ongoing support and advice from our team.

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