Frequent questions

Can it be installed by anyone?

Yes: using the installation manual and with the right materials, anyone can install Infeel and POV self-adhesive coverings. It’s as easy as wrapping a box or covering a book. Nevertheless, to guarantee perfect installation we have a team of expert fitters available.

What formats and measurements are the products sold in?

They are sold in rolls; Infeel is sold in rolls that range from 1 m to 1.23 m wide x 50 m long, while POV is sold in rolls that are 1.27 m wide x 30 m long. Please consult us, as each case is different and we can provide you with detailed advice.

Can it be bought by the metre, or only by the roll?

We adapt to each customer’s needs,, for this reason the product can be bought in quantities ranging from 1 square metre to any amount you may require.

What type of cleaning products should be used?

Any cleaning detergent.

Guide Download INFEEL FAQ. Guide Download POV FAQ.

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